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Range of information in the catalog
Reliable information about suppliers, manufacturers and equipment.
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Which services Airport.Market provides

Basic services - free
Basic services (placement in the catalogue the information about equipment, its manufacturer and official suppliers) are provided by Airport.Market free of charge.
Maximum information in Russian
Airport.Market provides possibility for placement in Russian additional information about equipment (specifications, technical parameters, sales references, additional photos etc.) and about manufacturers and suppliers (service capability, advantages and possibility, history etc.). Such information is often absent even on the multi-languages manufacturers official web-sites.
Open platform for collaboration
Airport.Market is open for collaboration with all suppliers of maintenance services and spare parts which can provide services on the same level as official suppliers.
Providing direct contacts
For customers and users of equipment Airport.Market provides assistance for contacts with manufacturer's technical support teams.
Getting qualified help
If a local official supplier can't help, rejects requests for support without payment or the manufacturer doesn't have a local supplier — Airport.Market team will help to make a professional request to the manufacturer's after sales service and to receive qualified assistance!
The decision is always yours
You can always refuse our services, switch to another tariff or contact us to discuss individual conditions.

How Airport.Market is working

What is the meaning and difference from other sites…
Unified database
Service Airport.Market collects information about equipment for airports and provides for specialists in Russia and CIS in Russian data about worldwide manufacturers, suppliers, maintenance and spare parts providers.
Verified information
Information about equipment for airports from open sources is processing, translating into Russian and publishing for general use free and without any subscribing demands.
Free access
Unlike others sites equipment range on Airport.Market isn't limited by companies which are ready for paid information placement. Airport.Market catalogue isn't hiding contact information of manufacturers and suppliers and let users contact them directly! If some equipment is missing out in catalogue (including equipment which production was terminated), that's mean that information still not added to the database.

Airport.Market catalog tariffs

Airport.Market information services prices for manufacturers and their official suppliers
  • Basic information
  • 0 euro / 12 months
  • (permanent renewal)
  • Basic information
  • Extended information
  • Additional information, independent evaluation, supplier sourcing and procurement
  • No limit on requests
  • 3000 euro / 12 months
  • (discount prolongation 20 %)
450 Euro / mo.
Why Airport.Market is better
Detailed description of the functions and uniqueness of the catalog Airport.Market
  • Around equipment
    Information upbuilt on the Airport.Market around equipment! «Manufacturers» and «Suppliers» can be changed, joined and separated, renamed, lost from the market, hidden from angry customers or tax authorities. «End-user» first of all is interested in equipment which it chooses by parameters, technical specifications or form, and after by price, manufacturer or supplier. In Russia as well as in other countries where is speaking Russian all manufacturers and suppliers have equal possibility on the open tenders if they have equipment which follows airport requirements.
  • With no restrictions
    Airport.Market catalogue isn't limiting manufacturers list so it offers a wider range of equipment! Unlike most of the local «dealers» and «distributors» which often work with several manufacturers at same time in our catalogue equipment types and models are not limited. All what the manufacturer produces is welcome for placement on Airport.Market.
  • Correct information
    Not all of the manufacturers have pages in Russian on their web-sites so most of them don't have the possibility to express themselves on the Russian market of equipment for airports. Airport.Market specialists have knowledge about technical features, so translation into Russian from the manufacturer's official web-sites doesn't have incorrect text like from on-line translators.
  • New, supported, discontinued
    Airport.Market contains information about equipment which doesn't produce any more, but still in operation. Technical support and spare parts for such equipment required more often than for new equipment.
  • Confirmation of authority
    Airport.Market specialists are checking information about local companies before it will be published. Only local companies approved by manufacturers and checked with on-line contractors check services are falling in the category «official supplier» (dealer, distributor etc.).
  • Reviews from real users
    Comments and marks can be done by registered users only to prevent fake indexes. Positive and negative comments from real end-users let customers to take into account competent opinion and to get manufacturers reply if they have problems with equipment or with supplier or with authorized service company communication.

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What is the advantage of the «Premium» tariff?
  1. Placing materials about the equipment and the company in the catalog for downloading, as well as videos (brochures, technical descriptions, links to videos on YouTube, etc.) in Russian.
  2. Providing 1 advertising banner.
  3. Providing information about suppliers or customers (addresses, owners, financial condition, etc.) from public services for checking counterparties in English or Russian (upon request, periodically or upon changes).
What is the difference between advertising in a catalog and direct advertising?
  • Contextual advertising ("direct") shows your ad in accordance with the content, selected audience, place, time or other information on Internet pages
  • Advertising in the Airport.Market provides positioning of the company, goods and services in the Russian-speaking space of a single information platform for the airport equipment market.
With whom to communicate regarding the placement of materials?
  • Airport.Market service provides remote service and correspondence with users in a way available on the website.
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